Wednesday, April 4, 2012

what will i be

 Suddenly, everything happen at one time
UPM called for audition, they make an exception for me because they only want STPM or DIPLOMA qualification. I have only SPM, so i really must stand out from the crowd.  and how on earth can i do that?
DR JOANNE YEOH is the head of music department.
she IS the BEST violinist in Malaysia! i watch her play in awe, at such a very young age, she own a PHD ..and now she will be the judge
this is insane, how can i outbeat the rest??
 I decided to play my 'Heart healer' song on the piano. Originality is the only way i can stand out from the rest. and as for my violin *sigh* i heard that i had to prepare a classical piece. T.T
NO!!! *cry*
i'm sooooo weak in classical, give me anything BUT classical..but i was force to.
Nothing goes on without classical. So since the minimum requirement is grade5, why should i pick tough grade8 songs? might as well just pick grade5 de rite?
left one day till the audition and i haven't even PICK a VIOLIN song yet!!
this is MAJOR!!!!
 AND THEN! Nanyang Polytechnic from Singapore called up and told me that i was accepted into their polytech.
orientation starts next monday (another four days?). WHOA!! SOOOO fast!!
*cry* T.T
am i ready for this atcually??? it's MASS MEDIA MANAGEMENT, whatever thing it is, it sounds like mass com ==''
so it's 3 yrs DIPLOMA, 3yrs DEGREE and 3 yrs working life (contract bond to pay back tuition fee granted by SG government)
=='' 9 years, and after that i get my PR (permanent residence?)
which means, i will NOT be going back to MALAYSIA no more
maybe one year 2-3 times only.

so i must think properly, do i really want this???

Do you know even though daddy had to pay only 20% of the course tuition fee, he still had to sent Rm1,500 EVERY month to me for accomodation and monthly expenses ( i don't need to eat arh?) I have to thrift and save (no more shopping ady larh) No part-time job, ok? coz this is 'FULL-TIME" diploma course

besides, mum get serious and ask,
YOU WANT UCSI not? if want mummy had to go pay for the application fees ady! audition for UCSI is on the  20th (sure get in d larh, coz private colleges all need is money nia ==)
I bit my tongue...this is MAJOR step..going to UCSI alone? *scared*
even if i have my lovely senior, Miss Suyin there, i will not be in the same class as her. i can't just let my mum pay Rm500 for the application fee and then later CHICKEN OUT. waste money ==

this is a TEASER on what happen to my hair already
I"VE CUT IT!! YIPEE!!! no more broom head!
but it's very straight now. SUPER straight i tell you! for the first time in two years, i am able to comb through my hair! (warh...)

I NEED HELP...wuwuwuwuwu..T.T
i thought my parents want me to take form six soooo much
why suddenly want to kick me out pulak..

relatives after relatives curse me for taking MUSIC.
I"M Sick of hearing it already, i think they brainwash me, because i suddenly feel like..what the hell am i going to do after that..
music teacher? HELL NO..


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