Thursday, June 9, 2011

Webcam Obsession

Next to you-Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber
I wonder if webcam had timer so that i can freely pose..>.< here i go again, pose here pose there like there is no yesterday..I got a shock today when mummy atcually said that she and my sister are going to sponsor me to SUNWAY if i take account as my course..ACCOUNT? of all courses, ACCOUNT!?!? it had never come across my mind that i will end up like my sister..ACCOUNT freaks me out..i don't even know the definition of account..
if they willing to sponsor me to college, why can't i take up something i can cope with for the future? i am willing to take public relations since they complain i'm not taking a marketable course..
I plead to you! please sponsor me go SUNWAY if i'm going to take Public Relation..PLEASE!

 There is this wonderful program where you HAD to pay Rm796 for a year for this's called my dad's friend did a demo for me and it was's the new generation to study, no more tuition and you can probably SKIP SCHOOL!  everything is complete inside with assessment exercises, 1993-2010 trial paper, topical test papers and so on with 24-hour online teacher (yoou can choose who you like..there's a chinese man, a bee, a malay girl and a hot young woman) there's a package, if you had another sibling, you can share the account..with the same price...AMAZING and AWESOME...some schools had even allow students to bring their laptop with this program inside to teach them..go visit the website
if only i knew it earlier, but it's too late now isn't it?
school's starting in another two days..i can predict what would happen to my add math paper..i can't figure why i remain blank during the test..i've been preparing myself for it about a month ago..


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