Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play by ear

I received one comment in youtube from this guy quoting that there is nothing special to play music by ear..
I didn't know that...
right now, i feel that maybe i don't have talent in music after all..
i thought all the while playing music  just through listening is 1 out of 10 in each people...
guess i was wrong..

i was at this mall and i saw a newly opened music store...i went straight to the electric piano where a  guy is playing Pirates of the Caribean song..
obviously, he played it by ear..and it was tough..

i play Paparazzi after him..he was amazed..
"you play by ear?"he asked..
"yeah." I answered..
"Wow! you're good.." playing by ear special or not?
i wonder



  1. Ann, it is special. Not everyone can do it and that's why it's called special. Ignore the jealous comments in youtube. You're not the only victim in there. Btw, this is D the teddy bear. Thanks to u, the ''teddy'' just stuck. ( Don't tell Nicole I said that )

  2. ignore the jealousy from whoever the dude is. playing by ear IS a talent!

  3. I gotta is special!
    I can't even do that! but u cud!
    hahaha..btw..i've change blog ad...

  4. Whether playing by ear is special or not is up to ones personal view. I use to find it really fascinating and felt that those who play by ear are just pro, talented ppl. But i guess when we learn more and more of music it'd come to us i'm neutral about it being special. but most importantly is that everyone's special in the way they play by ear in their own style :)


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