Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Who says -Selena Gomez
Kuantan is BORING..especially when you had only four dollars in your pocket..i didnt get to buy anything except a face roller at SASA which claim to have V-shape effect if you massage it on your face everyday for ten minutes..i hope it works out..my face look like a great round balloon ready to pop  any moment from now

I didn't get to go to the beach after all ..my parent rent an apartment over there and the service is AWFUL..that guy should be fired! there's sooo many bad service around here..Ok, my bro with a good heart bought us tickets to go watch Kung Fu Panda with him at Berjaya Megamall..we went there, (despite the fact that it's going to bankrupt) the person inform us that the whole cinema blackout so we were left heartbroken ..sob..
ok, not that serious, but DAMN, before that we search high and lo for the fastest food because we wanna be ontime for the movie..
we went to old town, guess what?

The waitor over there acted like it's nobody's bussiness..there's no supervisor so they didnt do their job...even the old couple next to us got mad and started cursing at them..everybody started to curse and i slumped my head against my hand..Oh god, why is this happening?
the food is okay, but it's sooo freaking slow! they made lots of mistake, they even burnt the toast of the old couple next table..you can imagine that lady..she was soooo furious..i swear i can toast my bread over her head..

So, on the other hand, we went to east coast mall, since it was the biggest mall over there..to my horror, Mango closed down the last time i came...my mum said that maybe it's too expensive that nobody can afford..i pointed Roxy  and said Roxy is way more expensive than Mango..if it was because of that, Roxy should go first..

I love this boutique..It's CLOUD not LOUD as in the picutre..they sell many babydoll dresses, but i have sworn to my secrecy that i have to stop buying dresses anymore..
i manage to memorize the route of Kuantan ..the whole journey to Kuantan take about eight hours..if you wanna make this journey more worthwhile, my bro had to stick himself to my family or else it'll be a waste of time..

Ann: Koko, can you sponsor me go college?
Bro pointed to his girlfriend
bro's girlfriend: Why you point at me?! it's your sister lol!


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