Thursday, June 30, 2011

My face

See my gloss, no lipstick, so who says my mouth is always sad all the time? ) :
i realise my lips is exactly the same as my mum's ..EXACTLY! so, i'm going to practice smilling (i hope nobody would label me as insane)i'm going to practice pouting too, but i realize pouting doesn't look nice because i notice wrinkles come model pouting looks so picture perfect..

my eyes..ok, it's artificially fake with the wonders of fake double eye lids.i saw a newspaper article on plastic surgery and i saw this girl having her eye lids stitch up while she was still awake..YIKES. no way am i going under that knife, it's soo painful and excruciating and that girl suffer for three months! imagine closing your eye lids when there's something holding you back with needles and sister found out there's another procedure in getting permanent double eye is through laser but NO WAY am i going to endure short term pain or not..
MY BRACES is clearly one example that i had reborn through torture..

my nose..sometimes i feel that it looks broad at the bridge and sometimes it looks okay to way will i go through pathetic procedure of using this massaging nose item where it SUPPOSE to make your nose look sharper...i've been using this face slimmer massager and i only see my face looks like FRANKENSTEIN..(minus those screw driver on each of my head)

My hair had grown..i believe by the end of the year i will get back my long hair again..and then i will curl it, and cut it off again just like my friend predicted..haha
why would i want to cut my dream hair after all?


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