Thursday, June 2, 2011

Officially Bankrupt

shirt dress: From Sungei Wang
Shoe: Charles & Keith
I flip open my wallet, NOTHING..i spent all my money on the trip to KL and the last drop was splashed on MCDONALD while doing NIE with my fellow friends...
I'm officially BROKE

Oky, 2molo i'm off to KUANTAN with 0 sen in my wallet..daddy rent an appartment there so instead off going shopping, i'll better glue myself to the wall because there's NOTHING in my wallet..don't ask me to buy a plastic bag..i can't even afford one..
no kidding, i am on the verge of going out to town with the guitar to earn some money..HOW can you live without 10 sen in your pocket..?

care to donate?
c'mon, donate the poor..


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