Wednesday, June 1, 2011

KL within 3 months

when i cried when i'm not able to go to KL, this is what parents decided to go here i am, back at the street of Bukit Bintang again..with my Navy theme dress, brown belt, comfy adidas flats, heavy-weight NINE WEST bag and my recent craze headband..

We walked so much, my feet almost fell off..We walked from Low Yat (after getting my netbook bag) to Sungei Wang 6th floor, and then come down to MAYBANK to punch money and walked up again to get our item..then walked to TIME SQUARE..and then walked up and down in search of maxi dress (it's a craze right now) and walked to Sungei Wang again, and walked up a pedestrian bridge to walked over LOT 10..and then walked down, and walked to FAHRENHEIT 88 (we didn't go in) then walked straight to SEPHORA at STARHILL and then walked to Pavillion to find YSL cosmetics, and then walked back to LOT 10, thinking that YSL is there and then realize there's no YSL cosmetics in the whole MALAYSIA, then walked back to SUNGEI WANG and then walked back to the hotel..

All this within four hours!CRAZY!

they atcually had Debenhams and ZARA at LOT 10..i thought that shopping centre is like dead gone since there's nothing much but ISETAN to see..then they turn dead posh all of the sudden..We went for this late night movie at TIME SQUARE...which is DIGITAL MAX 3D..the screen is like HUGE..double the size of a normal cinema screen and the whole theatre looks like half of a stadium..Pirates of the Caribean..(did i spell correctly?) it was delayed for 10 minutes, and there's more then 10 foreigners over showed them what bad time management we had in Malaysia..
but when they go in, i'm sure they changed their mind...IT WAS HUGE! 
 Oh yeah, 1st avenue is in TIME SQUARE..the boutique over there are cute and european style -like..they even had this shop called "OFFLINE" where they featured all the clothes from famous blogshop..CHRISTY NG's famous shoes are also's weird, because just this morning i read about her online store in a newspaper and here i was looking at the real items..
it's not fully opened yet, but i guess it's going to be an awesome nice place to shop in after it fully opened..i wonder if it's related to Penang's First Avenue..
Ooh, cuddly..( : so what did i bought? i bought one high waist washed out denim shorts..and when i brought it home to wear it again, i looked like i am wearing adult size diapers instead..
and then i bought a very vintage blouse..Me and my sister bought the same similar maxi dress because it's quite cheap..then we go back and try, it turned out to be midi..and my parent's first exclamation was that we both looked like REAL convent girls..geddit? we looked like nuns..
than mummy bought me a lace vest, and gave me a leopard shirt dress
and my sister gave me a figure-hugging polkadot white skirt and pink lace-dress..
On the account..
I HAD 60 dresses already..



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