Thursday, June 30, 2011

smoky eyes

I've only know how to draw my eyes with silver and dark blue shimmering eye shadows..the rest colour shades on my eyes looks very weird on me..i don't know why, but pink eye shadows make my eyes look smaller..gah!

warh, close shot of my eyes..the eye liner look soo thick,..what to do, for monolids like me, no matter how thick the eye shadow is, it cannot be seen...
so, after this experience , i'm gonna learn how to use liquid eye liner..put on even foundation and use peach blusher..
i'm obsessed with make up now..last time i use to sigh each time my sister look at rows and rows of make up products, now, i LOVE it...
so, first, i'm going to start with buying a good blusher..
it lightens up my face colour..



  1. you look so pretty ann! btw just a suggestion, dont apply till near eyebrows, monolids like us look weird when we apply it like that. the color should only be hinting :) extra sexy and attention cause people will try to figure out the color :) :)

  2. ANNICK!!!!! thnx!! muack muakc..*wipe the slime off your face*

  3. hahahahha always a welcome *hugs*

    ps, read my new post :)

  4. always a welcome sweetie :) *hugs*

    ps, read my new post

  5. Ann, I personally recommend you body shop for foundation! And Anna Sui for blusher. Give it a try ;)


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