Friday, June 3, 2011

Maxi dress and skirt

Orange maxi dress! people who knew me know that i loathe ORANGE, but then i started to think orange is a very bright and happy colour that would put a toothless child in a laughing state..(well only if you dress yourself up as a papaya) my opinion, maxi dress should cover over your ankle! which shouldn't be worn with heels BUT wedges..but i don't have, so forgive me if i make any statement in here.. 
Stop eating fried food! i've been eating loads of fried food recently and my face had turned into a huge oil blotting paper..(not to mention those pimples!) if you want to avoid fried food, YOU CAN"'s everywhere..i mean, you can't just bake vegetables right? whatever it is, i don't wanna look like a big active valcano waiting to eradicate the whole world..  
 I'm in Kuantan right now..*yawn* there's nothing much to do, yesterday we went to this great JUMBO PARKSON sale and mummy bought me a spongebob squarepant's bed spread with pillow case...WOW..imagine me sleeping on this yellow sponge who probably looked happy even though i've squashed him flat in the face..
Oh look! sister love my skirt, so she tried it on..( :

Orange maxi dress: Shop @ Queensbay
Lace Blouse: Shop @ Sungei Wang
Maxi Skirt: Shop @ Queensbay
Shirt (worn by sister): PDI
Heels: SAND DEE @ derno where
Lace vest: Shop @ Queensbay


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