Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beauty review 1 (Christian Dior and Clinique)

Christian Dior's Eau De Toilette , Miss Dior Cherie, Blooming Bouquet..
smell like lavender..=.=''

Clinique's Fresh bloom, allover colour, peony..

50 ml-17 FL OZ, made in Paris, France..
lol, i practically copy every label it had..the thing is, this is my first beauty review so i really don't know how to write about it ..=.=''

This is the top of the cap,..CD for Christian Dior, not compact disc!

and this is the size of it compare to me..the scent very nice, soothing..those Anna sui lover would not be please with it coz it's not fruity..

ok, this is akward, i need loads of practice for a great review..=.=''

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