Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am ANN

Am i having doubts? no wait, i am utterly mum told me that by the end of the year, i'm moving out of Alor Star to an even remote area..Jitra..>.< but i still be going to either kolej or STAR for form 6..(painful) i can't hang out with my friends, i feel like i had left everyone and live in a hinterland lonely can i be? Right now, i can't even hang out with my friends, what's more after i had moved to such rural area?
oh god, i'm really going to be a KAMPUNG girl already.

Mummy said i've got no friends..i've got loads! i've got a bit mad because this ain't true..the fact that mummy don't see me with my friends is because SHE NEVER ALLOW ME to go out with them, so how on earth will she know how many friends i've got..i've got no mobile phone, not allowed to movies, so how can she says i've got no friends? URGH..
i hope one day, my besties will come to my house and i will proudly intruduce it to my mum.
I don't like it when she said i don't have's like i'm sooo lonely, like i had a problem that everybody stay away from me..
can you all do that for me, 'cha mou' men?

I can't define envy and jealous...I ENVY people who are more fabulous than me or i am jealous of people who lead a fabulous life? somehow, i be likely to use 'envy'  towards my friends. because envy doesn't mean any ill feeling and i shall use 'jealous' to people i don't know..
i wish i can lead a fabulous life, perhaps i haven't been doing great karma during my previous, people, start doing good karma if you wanna live a life like Paris Hilton..or Kate Middleton..hold on, i don't think Paris Hilton is the luckiest girl, but with all the riches, she is lucky enough for me

GRAVE! i can hardly use the internet without any's already midnight and my curfew is up..i had to leave my blog ( i still had four more pictures to post) it's not enough! NOT ENOUGH!! not to mention, i still got loads more to post loads more to look at, i haven't google Ed Westwick yet just to get a glimpse of him picking his nose..
i haven't even play angry birds!
Angry Ann



  1. moumou,we can do us =)
    we'll do everything just to stay you here.

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