Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've noticed that i have LOADS of Wei Ying and me there, and EVERYWHERE..the thing is, WE BOTH love taking photos, so it's no surprise. i want so badly a DSLR camera..MUMMY SOLD THE ONLY ONE WE HAD!!! how could she?!?! and she sold it for only RM 500..that person must be laughing his head off after receiving the camera..
We were talking a presents today at school..You know what i really want? A SPONGEBOB MONOPOLY set..yes, i saw it a METROJAYA and i nearly go ballistic in the department store..
sad to say, i rather buy clothes than buying a i leave it there..T.T

I'm addicted to ANGRY BIRDS..even though i did admit saying that it's the lamest addictive game i've ever played..i mean, how can you be addicted throwing birds at green pigs? the creator must have cast a superior spell on it..

Sleeveless singlet: Shop @ Sungei Wang
Skirt: Shop @ Queensbay Mall
White sling bag: MANGO
ballet flats: BRANDS OUTLET

practice here, practice there, i can't remember when was the last time i've ever went attend add math lesson in school..He had already gone three chapters ahead my tuition teacher..this means major trouble for my upcoming monthly test..the thing is, he uses only 30 minutes to complete ONE freaking chapter..30 minutes?! seriously!?
after spending sooo much time with my choir members..
i wanted them to be a family
despite the fact i still feel akward to some people around me..


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