Thursday, June 16, 2011

cover or original

Mean-Taylor Swift

I didn't know my uncle could be that 'in'..he came back from England and drop by our house..we had nothing else to do, so mummy suggest that i should play some song to entertain him..I got nervous, this guy is as old as my dad..he probably listen to oldies like my i play my original song instead, he got soooo amazed..i mean , if you sing other ppl song, it's nothing special..if you had your own, it's something...then, he started advicing my dad, saying that it's such a waste, blah blah blah, that i should take up music..blah blah blah..AT LEAST he talk SENSE to my dad
but my dad didn't know what he was talking..=.=''
i've just received a bad feedback from my chinese teacher..he said, test is coming soon and i'm still away for activities...i'm still stable in my exam, it's not like my result drop so terribly that its obvious that it was the activity that affect my result..>.
the flowers! ha!make me look like i just came from some this recent event is for Teacher's Day in our district..They keep changing song..this song not good, that song not suitable..I was soooo fed up and i ended up with my choise..TO SIR WITH LOVE..
yes, very very meaningful and what piss me off is that PK koko didn't think that it's SUITABLE!!!

Hehe..the 'aunties' from MARS...kk, i'm really planning that after SPM, i'll be changing this blog to a, (until i figure how on earth am i going to transfer the whole thing)..i think a sound really official and formal..just going to build up my blog ..School reunion dinner is just a week next, i've already know what i'm going to wear, but the hair had always been a major problem ...
After playing Angry Bird, i found out the game is nothing but shooting pigs with birds..why is it so addictive anyway? huh? huh?goodness, i found another crush..when i saw what he atcually did for a hobby.,i melted..he's a latin dancer, an all-type of dancer and a great photographer..
and i meet him twice a week for tuition..
with a striking good look of him..
if his friend knew..
i'll be dead within two seconds..
coz his popularity is even worst than the previous one..


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