Thursday, June 16, 2011

Exam aftermath

, this whole week had been a wreck..not only did i had a very sad result, the teachers are tearing my hair out of its roots...Okay, i got 7 A's, regardless of A+ or A or A is an A..just like An Ant is also an Apple...
But my chemistry SHOULD not be such a failure's worst than my year-end-result which is much more harder than this mid-year..i don't know what's wrong with the whole paper..Right, my objective paper look sickening to's right under my target mark..even my Physic had a better mark than that..
so i got 7 A's , 2 sickening B, and a usual C for my hopeless Chinese..

Besides, i still had loads of questions to bombared the teachers..why can't my answer be accepted when i had directly written out the exact letters on my tuition notes?! but i didn't had the time, and a couple of questions couldnt make my Chemistry mark into an, let it go, babe..let it go..
My account surprisingly got an's subjective, with a total 100 marks of written's probably going to be a total knock-off you didn't know one's going to affect your whole entire answer..and it's tough,..i got lucky, i manage to equalize all the accounts..
but i still had a few format errors..=.=''

guess, i need to work hard..*sigh* laziness had already create a new cell in my body system..


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