Thursday, June 23, 2011

denim high waist

I'm sick of dresses and skirts..yet, i wear them pretty often..why? because  its comfortable and you acted like a real lady in it. One of my friend told me that she likes reading my blog because there's SOOOO many pictures and soooo little words..i was like, WWTTFF? i want people to read what i wrote too, not just browse along looking at my pictures..
well, so long for wanting to be a famous blogger..

Denim high waist shorts- ROMP
Who's that UGLY?- ME

Choir Competition is over now..we won first so now i'm back to the wormhole again, trying to get myself to read a phrase of words in my reference book..Mummy took pity on my empty wallet so she secretly feed it with a couple of bucks..i was soo shocked and touched, but i didn't spend it on clothes..i'm saving it for  a lot of future stuff.. there's more important things then clothes, y'know?(i'm telling that to myself)


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