Thursday, March 3, 2011

Curly Ann

Price Tag- Jessie J ft B.O.B

Sorry guys for abandoning this blog for a very very long time..
i'm planning to make a new blog after SPM, to reinvent myself and set myself a new goal and i won't be online-ing 2 months before SPM, so this blog is definetly dead after September..
But please stay on here, please please please...
( :
i wanna be a famous blogger before i reach 21..
so after SPM, i'm just gonna make a facebook and twitter account, spread my blog around
and hopefully..
i'll make it..
*eyes shinning*

Dang, don't i look happy? My hair issssss soooo freakin long..
I miss it though, these are all my last few long hair photos before i went boring and chop my whole curl off..
So yeah, i'm here to blah blah blah over school's freak o' rules..Extra classes start this Sunday, so you'll be seeing me with deep dark eye circles and extra fatigues..i'll be walking like a dead zombie around, or maybe just crawl around because i can't afford to walk at all..

And this SMART school gave us only 10 minutes for lunch break..
I doubt if it was a lunch break..she just said " Get ourselves clean" like we're a bunch of cats licking our furs...EEW..if there's no lunch, how on earth are we going to go through extra classes? WHO GAVE HER THE RIGHT??! Eh, hello larh, turtle, don't tell me you can stand not having to consume food after four hours of schooling..? and what about rest? you can't possibly ask us to open our eyes 16 hours straight and trying to expect us to dissolve what the teachers are gabbiting about...

Still again, i DO miss my hair sooooo much
Oh wait, i'm not finish with what i want to talk about this turtle's rules..

Turtle: I am very upset towards your parent's complaint about saying that the school's tuition is too long
Ann: *We still have tuitions outside..and the tuitions outside is way more better than in school..*

Upset over our parent's complaint??!! Why are you sooo upset about? You don't care about humanism, you're just afraid that our school will be look down upon others. get a grip, you had to think about US..not the school's reputations..and one silly reason she gave us for having extra classes was she was going to build up our stamina during our final countdown..
Duh, if you keep letting a runner run everyday, when his competition arrive, he just fall down due to exhaustion..
and probably ended up DEAD

and still again..I DOOOOOOO miss miss my currlly currlly hair.. ) :
yes, there are a few emotional breakdown among students..
I think i am going to be one of them after i realize that i am not suppose to have time for other school activities..
Curse them..curse them..curse them..curse curse curse.
Okay, i'm done venting what i wanted to say ..because this morning, when the turtle made that meeting, i am boiling inside with the urge to stand up and star swearing at her..
but i know she just throw her turtle shell to me and i'll be blacklisted forever..



  1. seriously,going make facebook account afta SPM??
    then,i waiting to add you yaa~

    turtle means ??...
    i hate it,because of that extra class
    i have to cancel my bowling
    god,i love bowling!
    and now,i have to stop it.

    after SPM,let's go for bowling? XD

  2. Hahahahahhahah I loooooove this entry fucking much. Good one Ann! And.....what a name? Turtle? ;DD

  3. Azira: It'll be an insult to turtle atcually..
    Turtles are all cute
    so, might as well call her a toad or something..>.< i just met her at TESCO!!>.<

  4. SandY: OOOHh..let's gooo bowling!! go trip and everything!!!!i can't wait to reach 18...


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