Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do You? -Original Song by Ann Tan
Here's the lyrics..i shall post the video in the near and distant future..
I'm sorry that it doesn't rhyme at all, but all songs DON"T rhyme these days..
It's for a NOT random person

# non-instrumented#
Do you feel what i'm feeling now?
Do you say my name
each time your friend ask who you like?
Do you feel like the urge
to turn to me and keep smiling,
like i always wanted to
do you, do you...?

#soft beats#
Do you wish that i would look at your eyes?
Do you wanna know about all the things that i like?
Do you know that i'm budging to ask you
Do you ever like me like how i love you

Now i tell you how i feel
Please don't be afraid of me
When i tell you how much i think of you
I'll keep waiting behind your back
I don't wanna get hurt
so i keep them to myself

Verse 2
Don't i wish that we would keep moving on
Don't i hope that you would make the first move
Don't i wish we will talk
Don't i hate the thought that we're strangers
after all...

Its not the swimmer after all..
I don't go ping, i don't go pang when i see him
it was THAT GUY a
THAT GUY whom i had been sticking into his back for more than a year..
THAT GUY whom i go PING and ZAP whenever i see him
THAT GUY whom i can feel my heart racing like flying antelopes..
THAT GUY whom i still can't get over after soooo many months..
THAT GUY whom i can't mumble a single verbal words

It was THAT GUY..
THAT GUY.......
and if he's stupid enough to never get the hint..
i will continue keeping it to myself..


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