Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Cut my hair!

All time low- The Wanted
Why do i cut my hair?
First: My Curly hair is very boring to me, i need a new look every year..
Second: Curly hair is sooo hard to keep in shape and i spend 80% of my sleepless day twisting my curls with my finger..
Third: My dad complain that my hair is too long
Fourth: VERY VERY hot..
Fifth: i wanted to follow this year's hair trend..but it turn out it didn't really suit with black lacklustre hair like mine ) :

Where do i cut my hair?
Kennyaik, approximate Rm 38 and above for cuts..
the first thing he asked me was if i wanted to keep my curls..i don't know why i say i didn't want..maybe it's because i'm afraid it'll become frizzy and dry...but then i say go ahead, he cut it out and i  love my left side of my hair..(coz the curls are still there) so basically, it was roll in and very bouncy...but the con side was, my right side of my hair suck, because my curls couldn't made it basically, i really need a curly tong to keep it balance...>.<

This is the length of my hair..after i left the hair saloon, mummy brought me to a physiotherapy centre to buy GoodArch shoe..and the lady thought i was 12 years old..
She got a shock when i told her i am going to be 17 this September..=.=''
seriously, how can it be sooo ridiculous? they use to think i'm older than my sister which is 24 years old this year? awesome...i'm now 12 years younger...=.=''
Anyway, sometimes i feel a bit regret towards the cut, but i will look forward to the day where i can dye my hair marshmallow brown and have the RIGHT curls that i want..
an obvious curl, so that i don't need to twist it each time it go haywired..

This is my pre-prepared for my cut..i tied my long hair to the back to see how i look in medium bob hair..

i stalk someone and even googled him ..
it turn out he had everything to do with Swimming..
and he IS a swimmer..
and he has a very very very very hot body..

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  1. Hohoho ... Cut ur hair already ?
    Kennyaik izit next next next to the time cafe thr ?
    I din't notice about ur hair also ...
    Basically .. Ur dad complaining ur hair is too long ? i no think so .. if i'm ur dad .. i wish that can be more longer .. Hmm ..=D
    Basically .. i tot curly hair is always at the front of fashion .. curly should not be draggle ... right ?
    And . u like swimmer ? 
    who is that guy that u notice .. hahaha ..

  2. ...=.=''
    OMG...don't you ever look at me in tuition?!
    i cut it three weeks ago and you say you didn't notice..=.=''
    after form five then only i go curl it again larh..
    coz i want my hair to grow naturally first, then only can have healthy hair..
    I don't like that swimmer..
    just think his body very
    ( :


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