Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blow me away

Super duper love Kesha's 'Blow'..dang, if Lady Gaga is the one who sang that song..i probably go buy all her album and hug it as my pillow...
I am so certain that mass communication is for my even agrees which mean this is sooo right for me..Music? i can find that thing as my sideline..Mass com, mass com, here i come! goal? i hope i can be on 8tv quickie..haha..FAT CHANCE..unless i have some mix blood in me...i can't just go out there and say...
hey, i'm a korean ..and they will splattered vomits all over me
so about debate..i never involve in debate in my whole obviously, as a chairperson, everything turn soo alien to me...but well, it's just in a classroom where a bunch of Kolej guys are there starring at me with an oversize prefect's jacket..=.=''
Well then it was over, then i got call back as an emcee instead for the final..i was a bit crestfallen when Mdm Chua didn't pick me as a chairperson..i love talking in my loud voice..
but okay, i get to announce the winner, the suspense, the certificates, the thank you to the VIP and so on...let me tell you, after that experience as an emcee..
I LOVE hosting! I Really want to take up mass com...with mass com, i can be a news reader, host, radio announcer and even public, i get to wear stylishly..

When i have curly long hair, everybody said my hair is too here's my hair, thicker than ever...
I'm here to complain about this month's complete useless exam...practically half of my class had their textbook below their desk, copying like it can give them A+ in SPM...=.=''
i didn't copy...but i got a bit fed up when i saw people who achieve 100 marks for an essay question in History..if you got one facts right, you earn 5 marks straight on...what kind of pathetic marking scheme is this?!

but i really look up towards my chinese teacher who compliment me for struggling hard to study chinese...he said even though the house collapse, i will still be standing on trying to regain my, i feel like i'm wonder woman..i was soo touched, even though i achieve really horrible marks for him..=.='' c'mon, i don't talk mandarin at home,  i can't sing chinese songs without being laugh at, i can't even speak proper chinese without english accent and stuttering to find the right words..
forgive me...



  1. I wish you the best of luck with school :)
    Don't worry, I don't know a word of Chinese and I'm 100% Chinese! That's even more embarrassing!

  2. haha..thnx ..i really love your blog! hope you post more about your clothes ..( :


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