Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dark Green dress (5 photos)

My sister wants to know how her dress looks like when it arrives from an online, here i am, taking some pictures of me wearing her beloved working's kinda loosen at the waist there, but i kinda likes the sleeves...and mind you! it's transparent at the back! a black singlet would help

i wanted to watch a lot of movies..the fact that this month, they had sooo many good movies to watch..i've just watched I AM NUMBER FOUR, just because the author of the book state Malaysia in one of his paragraph...
I like the part where he wrote
Number one was killed in Malaysia
Number two was murdered in England
Number three was just killed in Kenya..(or maybe Canyon..LOL! i can't remember)
i think i'm going to go get the book!!! i love original storyline where nobody could ever thought of that before..

127 hours..This movie is a must-watch..though, i haven't get the chance to watch it, This slumdog millionaire's director had those kind of movies where it bring you to tears..Like emotionally and his movie will tatoo into your head..FOREVER! inspirational! this is based on a true-story..where the daredevil looses his hand...I WANNA WATCH..T.T

There is this comic section at Berita Harian drawing an ULTRAMAN running away from tsunami in JAPAN...seriously, this guy had nothing to do but to mock fun at people's devastating moment...
AND some "SMART" people also ask the tourist management to refund their trip to TOKYO.. MAlaysians are sooo selfish..People over there is dying while we, malaysians only thought about our money and safety...

Seriously, have you guys read about how many people mock fun about Japan's earthquake incident? let me give you an insight of what had happen to JAPAN aftermath..
Japan's fourth nuclear plant had exploded...left three more standing..just hope it would not blow up again..
There is this guy who wrote FAMILYGUY, he wrote that people should view Pearl Harbour's Death toll instead of Japan's 9.0 magnitude earthquake...=.=''
Then that guy apologize because he thought Japan's earthquake death toll is only 200
Pearl Harbour is approximately 2,500...
and then he didn't know the next day, Japan's death toll had raised to 10,000!


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  1. Wow. I love that dress and the sleeves too. :>
    It really looks good for this season. ;)



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