Thursday, March 31, 2011

The fat weekday

Can you see my fat pig face? The thing about growing fat, those fats just grow on my cheeks making it look like a dumpling...anyone want a bite of my cheek?
Right, the last day of school holiday, we finally went to Penang, thank god, because i was dying to buy something..and guess what? me and my future sister in law spent the two hours watching my mum debating on two, i was pretty fed up ..i went into Fourskin..God, i love that shop so much..they even had the perfect acid washed skinnies despite the fact that they specialize in hot accessories..

I love my hair..LOOK AT MY HAIR!!!! LOOK ! LOOK at the bottom of my hair!!!!
Then my future sister-in-law bought me a grey skinny in Brands Outlet...the cashier had both of our cashes, and i was practically screaming to the cashier to take my money instead of my sis in law..=.='' guess what? i was screaming in English..and that cashier didn't know a word of English..she took my future sis in law's money and i shut my mouth tight...
THIS is soo embarrassing..=.=''

the good news is, i get to buy one tie-dye skirt with a pretty bow on it and three t-shirts (since i did not have that many tees)..see how a jeans can save my money soo much? I bought all my items in Brands Outlet..that place is like haven for rejected brands with amazing low prices with hot stuff..did i mention their flats are like..

and i can swear that i saw my exact Mango's stripe blouse in Brands Outlet with a different label on it...=.=''


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