Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jealous yet thankful...

Quicksand-Lady gaga ft Britney Spears
This is me, pale looking...ZzZz
Why do i get jealous over filthy rich people who keep buying Coach bags like they were mineral water?
Even though i'm not rich and my family is not filthy rich..i should be thankful ..
People are living without homes, without food and water, without electricity in Japan..
and i shouldn't pout just because i can't afford to keep buying branded stuff..
Therefore, those rich humans out there, DONATE YOUR CASH!!! instead of splurging on perfumes or designer item, go do some good deed before god take your prosperity away and award your with poverty...

Why do i get jealous over people who look beautiful, attractive and popular?
Even though i don't have those asets, those death defying looks, i should be thankful!
Millions out there are born without a particular organ, eyes, nose, or even without face..
So to those who keep saying that they want to go plastic surgery, or keep whining about how ugly they are...STOP COMPLAINING!...Beauty is only skin deep..

One of my ribbon..
well, i'm going to Penang this Saturday..(finally!) and i'm going to pay a visit to First Avenue to try out their TGV Cinema's BEAN SEAT... just hope that this trip won't be cancelled...


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