Saturday, March 12, 2011

My deepest Condolence..

Wake up-Original Song by me

My favourite country had turned into a disasterous site where i feel like it was my OWN country being tear down like debris of cakes...I constantly told my parents that i wanna had a japanese boyfriend ...and they smiled at my childish hopes..and i MUST go to Japan at least once in my lifetime..
So yeap, JAPAN is MY favourite country...

A Deja vu image of the film 2012...Don't it just looked like it was from that film? Is the world really coming to an end? The predictions? The constant premonition of Baba Vanga?
As a civilized Malaysian who is free from natural disaster, how i wish i can pack my bag, jump onto one of those army helicopters and try to make the best i can..
8.8 magnitude is really huge...the earth just moved a milisecond faster than it used to be, and an 8.8 magnitude rocked the whole earth..

The image of a conference meeting as the prime minister looked on ..
I hope everything will turn out well for the people over there...
I hope those radioactvie spills will not affect the residents  over there..
I hope god wil for see their pains and give them a rainbow after the disaster..

the aftermath of the earthquake...


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