Friday, February 18, 2011

Honeymoon years

Jar Of Hearts- Christina Perri
Wow..i didn't remember when i took this picture with our discipline teacher who make everyone of us pin up our hair each time we see her..And adorable Suyin still looks like a junior..dang, i love Hari Anugerah..i've been performing Hari Anugerah Cemerlang since i started form one...and now, i'm form five already! five years of joining the performance..! even though, my father dislike the fact that i had to skip classes, stay back and beg him to fetch me go for extra practices...i must remember this is my final year to perform at this school..
though, i think everybody hate to see my face all these years..
when the curtain rolls up, i picture all of them saying
"oh no! not her again!"

This is the group shot we had the last day of school 2010..and i didnt upload it =.=''
From left: Nicole, Sandy (wif that coconut tree), Jia Wen, Kay, Amal, Dar, Annick (who is sleeping) and Ning..
Top: Me, and Azeera!
i miss last year ..this year, it's soooo lonely..and the teachers for this year is either a pervert or someone who mood swings terribly..grr...

1/4 of the choir team members! if you can identify me through this colour, i salute you.. i love it whenever we get to wear colourful traditional clothes and dress up..and snap snap snap ..
me and Wei Ying are always in a photo frenzy..
and i definetly miss Suyin...

This is the first time, my friends ever celebrated birthday with me in school..i had never belong to a clique of friends before...and right now, i must appreciate what is surrounding me..even though our numbers had decreased..and i still wanna keep my friendship with my old bestfriends ( nicole and chiu yee) ..i've been spending all the time with xin Ning, Jia Wen and Sandy..whatever happen between us, i hope we just discuss it out instead of avoiding each other..
if i ever annoy anyone, please tell me your disatisfaction and i will apologize..
I love you all!

one malaysia!! Left: Malay, Indian, Half Jap and Chinese , and me, Pure Chinese from the planet Ants...

Aren't we a bunch of happy family?

we're sooo freakin happy..

Victory! aren't we a bunch of''
this year...i wasn't allowed in Choir because my dad would just lock me in a fishtank..
instead, Sir, ask me to be the pianist, so i was allowed to miss practices...
but i still miss going on stage..i watch the girls sing their heart out, move to the beats, sway their body..i really miss it..i want to join them! i really do..

Drama Comp...
i only realized my legging is one side short and one side long..
why can't this thing repeat again and again..?


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