Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh pathetic..

I didn't get to go KL after all..
mummy's not feeling well with her thumb, so my holiday is just going under the chute..
Bye bye Zara...i can't visit you
I only miss Zara because Zara can't be found in basically, i won't mourn over Forever 21 or Mango..=.=''
Do you know i miss Sungei Wang soooooo damn much? Probably 60% of my clothes are all from there! This place is where you get the latest trend with low sum of money ..sorry, there's no Marc Jacobs or branded item there..but this is the spot for trendiest item you can get...that place is FULL of young people, cramming into boutiques, spalshing their bills all over the cashier ..i haven't been there since January 2011..and the trip i have during January was only half a day, because our hotel is at DAMANSARA..and not Bukit Bintang..=.=''

ahh, the place to get the branded clothes..i just go there to watch my sister splurge on cosmetics and eat at Wong Kok...Classy and nice...oh, did i mention their Forever 21 is huge?

I didn't go there yet! it was just a stone throw away from Lot sister said that UNIQLO looks like some winter collection...but at least just walk into that shopping complex and open our eyes...*sigh*..just wait till i'm old enough to travel there myself..

Ever since my sister started working at constant shopping place is at One Utama..=.='''which is incredibly huge and prone to make people's legs break if you walk the whole place within a day...The thing about OneU is that, it's just too huge till you feel sooo lazy walking to another destination...
Their Cotton On shop looks like Kid's boutique...SOO small...
and oh, did i mention they don't have Mango there?



  1. the biggest mall in KL is mid-valley~i think you will be more tired when u go there~
    :D KL GIRL

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