Thursday, March 10, 2011

The little monster XD

I finally LOVE 'BORN THIS WAY' by Lady Gaga...!!
Finally a proper picture of my hair...sorry about that ribbon on my head...i just couldn't resist putting it on...( : and sorry that my fringe is out of shape..i've pin it too long
I am going to be a loyal monster to my queen Gaga..( : she always surprise people and i love her specialty..tell me, how many people can pull off entering the Grammy with one big shell? SHE"S The ONLY ONE! so STOP saying her being an impersonator of Madonna's wannabe..

My monthly expenses had been going up real hard..Curse all the magazines..
At least one month..i shall had to spend it on VIVI and two copies of Galaxie and sometimes splurge on SEVENTEEN, CLEO or FEMALE...
Daddy only gave me Rm 15 per week and sometimes it's not consistent..
and i still had to buy hair products, and headbands and ribbons and...more magazines?
my list will go on and on and on...

  • Cute headbands that looks like braided hairs
  • Super cute white ribbon or polkadots  blue ribbon
  • brogue shoes and boat shoes
  • faded skinnies
  • liese cocktail hair wave
  • solid square looking brown bags with thin straps
  • cute white blouse with bow
  • grey stipes cashmer sweater
  • lovely flattering pleated skirt
  • more crop shirts
  • thin brown belt
  • and the list goes on and on....

So readers, anything that i SHOULD buy?
( :

happy holiday...!


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