Thursday, March 10, 2011

Exam Result

I am soo satisfied over February's Test result...still, it looks like a midget compare to those in the first class...i always wanted to target 800 as my total mark..which is quite impossible..Since Form Four till now, my closest mark was this February Test which reaches's already impossible to make it that mark anymore because the longer the day is, the harder the syllabus gets..
So here's my result...I FREAKIN hate that the fact that my English reaches the lowest mark i had ever achieve in my whole entire life...i hope it would not repeat again...>.< on the other hand, everything, i guess, there's always something to be look upon..and thank god i didn't fail Chinese!

Account: 97
Math: 88
Physic: 82
English: 80 (>.<)
Malay: 78
Add Math: 78
History: 76
Moral: 73
Chemistry: 72
Chinese: 61 (HAHA)

My form teacher made a mistake! She recorded all my marks and i was soo glad that i saw all A's in it...but then..hold on..wait...something's wrong...One subject is missing! Jia Wen pointed out that she forgotten to record my Chinese mark...Urgh..that B spoils everything...
When our dear Form teacher saw the corrections, she (like most of the chinese teachers will) got a huge surprise

Puan Wong: You take Chinese wan meh??!
Ann: Yah!!!! (i keep nodding my head)
Puan Wong: Aiyo..i tot you no take Chinese, so i didn't record in it..

and oh yeah...Sexy Chiu Yee dropped Chinese even though her Chinese is way better than me...i can't belive it, of all people, those suppose to drop chinese suppose to be me!

i cannot afford to be an OCBC or a BANANA



  1. OMGGGGGGGG why your exam results sooooooo gooooooooodddddddd o.O Gosh that means you're like smart,multi-talented,pretty o.O and i seriously HATE accounts man :) don't get how you score -.- and I'd sooooo wanna drop chinese :D

  2. how can our Malaysian's exam be compared to yours in Singapore ?
    It's just the monthly exam..
    wait till you see the real test,..
    i probably flunk all with red marks


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