Friday, April 1, 2011

Latest love

Fourskin is from singapore..the first time i went in there, i didn't realize what shop it is, i just bought two red hairbands and never look back, i just notice it again after i spot a super attractive acid wash jeans and high waist stone wash shorts at Gurney..i was over the moon..I FREAKIN love that shop the moment i saw it, and when i move over to the accessories, i love it even more..everything, from headbands to head scarves are all there..god, it's like heaven over there...(of course you don't expect any girly clothing there, but they do have girly accessories) and you can expect the price is really pricey ..ouch..

i didn't know it's from Padini group...i swear i saw my mng top there >.< how can that be? did they imitate it? >.< but i love their items there, (exspecially those flats..) and they even had seperate shops for their accessories (only in Penang) don't find any attractive blouse there, it's mainly t-shirts, jeans, casual skirts (which look very very nice) ..Mainly, they're the outlets for PDI authentics, Vincci, Seed, P & Co and bla blah blah..So, it's local..
and their price is very reasonable..
( :

Miliyah had rake my first fashion icon ever..oh, she's the girl on your left side, the one with the dark hair is our Malaysia's famous
Miliyah is not exactly pretty...but she's a real fashion goer, i WANT to be like her..( : oh, she's a singer atcually, and it take me a super duper long time to have me influence in liking her style..after reading more of VIVI, i am sooo certain that her style had tatooed into my brain..
the only thing i can't be like her when i'm older is that she splashes on Chanel, D & G, Miu Miu, blah,  like it's mineral water...I can't afford those..>.<
Miliyah had rake up to the number one most wanted to have her hair in Japan..( :

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