Tuesday, August 9, 2011

violin disaster

Shame on you-Britney Spears

I've just got back from Violin exam and i am telling you that it is worst than getting your tEETH extract..Goodness, everything turn out sooooooo BADLY with this BRITISH ENGLISH TYPICAL WOMAN who majors in piano
here are all the procedures
1st: My accompaniment teacher couldn't find her notes in the middle of playing
2nd:MY pieces fell off the stand ( thank god it wasn't the one i'm playing at)
3rd: I looose my notes in the middle of playing
4th: I make every scales out of tune
5th: I played major scales instead of minor
6th: the examiner gave me a non-existing dominant scales
7th: I simply shoot answers for Aural Test
8th: I broke my voice while singing =.=''as usual
9th: I didn't know how to describe the song so i stuttered
10th: She gave me a very very supersonic high sight reading and expect me to play it within 30 seconds

So i can predict my score for my final exam marks..130-150 for DISTINCTION..in my whole life through i only manage to get 130 twice ...
120-129 for MERITS
100-119 for PASS (consider myself VERY lucky if i manage to hit 100)

ooh, and i wanted to tell the examiner that i'll be seeing her on the 17th again, but better not because she would prepare for the worst

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