Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fish eye

A type of lomography..i like lomography, it is just soo vintage and the camera is very very cute..
So if you noticed, look at the shadow, i can see the photographer's shadow!
i'm finding a photographer, anyone up for it? i know i'm short, ain't gorgeous, but i know what i'm doing, right?

it's one o'clock now in the morning, this is my third long post today, body is aching from slouching and i am sitting on a big fat winnie the pooh watching Brits Award 2010..>.< i know it's ancient, but that's the only thing on TV now..i don't have astro so don't bother telling me to switch to MTV..

i found a great photo editing program online and it had this editting tools to make your photo looked vintage..I am soooo going to use that starting from now, because i can't stand the quality of my photo (after great critics from someone)..

It's the term holiday now and i can see great fats on my face..not only fats, i feel heavy! like i can't move my toe because i am too ..lazy? i've been rolling all over the floor instead of walking..i sleep on my mountains of clothes and coudn't get myself up..sleeping on clothes really feel like heaven, you should try that, it's really comfortable..i bet i can sleep in it for days without getting mouldy..*i hope*

I looked like a weird creature..small chopsticks leg ! HAHA
i've got huge panda eyes, *yawn*
goodnight, goodnight..

Muaks,don't kiss a frog..
you might get yourself a wet pillow



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  2. no problem :)
    kalau nak , contact i kat facebook


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