Friday, August 5, 2011

My first Photoshoot!

lace Knitted top: Knit & co
Legging: frm HK
Shoe: Frm Sungei Wang, KL
Headband: From KL
Violin: from europe

Mummy ask her friend to photograph me and we had chosen this jogging ground as our photoshooting me, it isn't that comfortable at all..i've need to change in mummy's car which is soooo small and compact that i sweat all over with my make up melting and my hair undone..
goodness, i wonder how those model photoshoot without any flaws on their photos..

This lace top is very detailed and mummy bought it for MY EARLY birthday gift..yes, it is very costly, i had never heard of that brand either, but it's from JAPAN and it's a knitwear with a box sewn on the left shoulder..VERY english-like

it's pretty akward..there's people watching over you thinking what the dumbzeldee am i doing over there..Good gracious, and i feel a bit embarassed infront of mummy's friend..

It turn out pretty exhausting after all, pose here and there until i didn't know what else to do..your facial expression changes, your body language shows and it turn out into a dumbzeldee?

i've just noticed that i had never snap any pictures with my this is epic! EPIC..

oh yeah, just for my own reminder..i had only four days left till my VIOLIN exam..
i had no confident, because i am NOT prepared..

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