Wednesday, August 24, 2011

super funny!

The GOVERNMENT will sue me..
There was a saying that if you have other nationalities working as domestic help in you household, chances are the following goes missing
get VIETS, dogs missing
Get Bangla, girls missing
GET chinese, husband missing
GET AFRICAN, wife missing

But now it's worse, the pilihan raya betui betui kepala pusing!
Get Najeep, Mongolian missing
GEt TOYO, temples missing
Get SAMY, Shares missing
Get Rustam, pigs missing
Get NAZRI, truth missing
Get HISHAM, Keris missing
Get SOI LEK, VIAGRA missing
Get DR M, memory missing
Get Roastmah, Bala missing
Get KA TING. do nothing, every 'ting' missing
Get BaDAWI, always sleeping if not missing
Get TSU KOON, L*np*h missing

Alamak, really kepala pusing


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