Saturday, August 27, 2011

Clothes and Peg

my sister just gave me a WHOLE bag of clothes...i don't mind getting hand-me-downs, because all her clothes is sooooo this morning, i threw out all my unwanted clothings (it fit a huge bag) and made enough space for me to put in those clothes..
Oh, i can't wait to wear them..but i'm sure after a few months of obsessing, i WILL grow tired of it..haiz, why can't i be more grateful for what i've got?

There's something wrong with the camera, photo quality had never been nice..i wonder why, but i keep changing those settings to try to see if i manipulated it wrongly..but it just won't my pictures had always been micro-disrupted...mummy had bought a DSLR bag but she hadn't buy any DSLR yet..
so i'm just waiting..

Tuition is starting one-by-one..another week of busy day without getting any inch of time to breathe..i loathe to be sooo hectic...I didnt get to watch Final Destination 5 after all ..first: the bee is tooooo obsessed with her newly done expensive hair
Second: mummy is tooooo absorbed with her son
Third: daddy never bothers about entertainment

I hate it when everybody turns emo out of the sudden..when you open fresh up in the morning, suddenly, you heard a fight and it spoils your day totally make your whole mood comide suicide..Why can't they liven up the whole day with a smile, a joke, a's sickening..and everyday i pray in order to keep this house alive and free from arguements..Yet, it can never happen..i didn't go through a day without those usual squabble or one nag that hurts your ears and heart,.

my mood totally died now...i hate taunting, i hate i had to stop making expectations..i have to stop making my own hope, dreams and everything..because everything won't happen as what it was in your head, brain and mind..
IT SICKENS my day..

ok, i noticed the sudden changement of my mood writing in this blog..i started this post this afternoon, and ended this poem at there's a sudden mood swing in this post..

So i'm going to liven up my day with a STUPID smile like this picture?
if only i can do that without force,
it will feel like a total fake, fraud and BADLY dismantled mask ..
i don't know what i'm writing about..
just as long as i drag it all out with my mood now,
i totallly going to be ignorant towards my family now


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