Monday, August 22, 2011

Twin me Twin stress

The trial exam is killing me, *slash* SLASH *slash*..i totally saw my account marks jumping off the building after i couldn't balance that HUGE question..i am left with two more torturing day with additional math and physics left for further suicides..

The bee is back! she's going to Singapore this monday/tuesday? This week i'm going to my first facial with her!? XD big smile coz that's my early burpday present..And goodness, after she had permanently work at Singapore, i guess my frequent KL trip will never happen anymore..Haiz, but then, i'll be big enough to go on shopping trips, right? RIGHT?! (Hoping soo  high i fell off my chair)

Goodness, this webcam made my eyebrow looked like crayon SIN CHAN..
This is the second time somebody commented on my eyebrow, saying that it looks like that pantless cartoon figure..Goodness, i seriously need to trim it once i got a certainly look like a forest..

I've a big mess these days..i'm bloated, i'm full with exam stress prone whole face is a total disaster...thank goodness i'm going for a facial..i've been using Kiehl product after my KOSE product ended with a sorry amount in it..what i need is a good facial scrub, i have combination skin, so it's really hard to take care of it..

SO, this is pre-post...wait for me for the major post!
( :
i've still got two days to go..

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