Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Growing up

I've drove the car threee times so far..i think i'm a car lunatic..i'm obsessed in driving car! but i can't get my liscence till end of this year! *shock* Horror*..
My first drive was behind the stadium where i just go round and round and round
my second drive was with Cyee, Ying and Brenda..i'm sooo touch that they atcually call me to had a test drive at school..Cyee taught me how to reverse the car XP
My third drive was around my housing estate...there was a huge crowd with loads of cars and i nearly go ballistic..i didn't know what to do, i was driving sooo slow..
My parents are making loads of changes for my future..the only thing for sure is that i HAD to take up FORM SIX..they want me to go Sgpore and i WANT just that their hectic and competitive lives scares me off a lil....OR.mummy found a Australian branch college called CURTIN and she wanted me to do ACCOUNT! over there..goodness.i will make my company bankcrupt within 3 days..
and the best thing is, that college is situated at MIRI, SARAWAK...

Last night, after washing my face, i put on the bee's mud mask (ORANGe peel), then after it, i put on the bee's Anti-Acne mask and then let the serum seep in, took it off and then put on moisturizer....All this during midnight..
She gave me her mud mask, her skin peel scrub, her put on mask, one military blouse, one dress, one short jumper (that can never go to the loo without another person to help you unbutton at the back) a facial treatment and what's more?
since when she is soooo good?

i want to grow up, to blossom like a real make myself beautiful, to live up my dreams , to be happy with my own life...


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