Monday, August 29, 2011

My first facial experience

Just after facial, i snap some photos after it,.the result gave me a bright smile
so here's the start of the procedure till the end
i was put on a bed (duh!), then Shirleen(the beautician) splat cleanser and massage my face with it..She is an extremely nice person who talks and talks..i have problem with my nose, the blackheads had gone to a very serious, she taught me how to massage the cleanser on my nose..

Then she put scrub on, then put on some serum to soften up the pimples and everything so that the extraction would be less painful..
ok, here's the extraction part, my eyes was closed with cotton wool and i was shaking like hell because i can't see what she's going to do to me..
then i felt something hard and sharp on my nose and
i felt like someone injected botox on my hurts sooo bad but i supress the pain
the real picture is that she took one tool with a very very small round end, press it againts the pimple and press the whole thing out.. 
This goes on for what it seems like an hour? press, poke, squish, push..oh god, i squirm when she reached the part above my head..that is the painest..
then after that, i heaved a big sigh of relief..then she put me under a cold steaming machine where it creates water vapour on your skin..everything turned out well after that

see my nose..see my nose..
then she put mask on me, then moisturizer, then sunblock..and i get to see the mirror..Ooh, the result..i do not have a slightest blackhead on my nose
and then she trim my eyebrow..WOOHOO..that is what i wanted..she gave me an arch and ask me to comb it upward with my hand each time i bathe

but after i go home, red spots started seems that the extraction had affected it..the bee said its normal and it take about three days for it to go the end of the night, i had a nose that looks like Rudolph the chicken pox nose..yes, my nose started to look like polkadots..
the next day,
it subside a bit, but the spots are still there..just crossing my fingers that the blackhead won't appear and the red spots would disappear..

few tips from Shirleen can buy any face product you want, but you must get yourself the BEST sunblock
2.Always double cleanse at night
3.wash your face mildy during noon



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