Saturday, August 27, 2011

curly hair

A feedback from the bee..the facial process is excruciating...she said it felt like scissors snipping through your skin..oh god, how am i going to go through this pain? appointment is due tomorrow..hopefully i can make it out alive..haha..
The bee with her expensive hair..cost around Rm 270..the hairdresser is also doing facial for people, and you must made an appointment even if you want to cut an inch of hair..i was like,ok, i must wait till chinese new year, where i get loads of ang pow, go back to the same hairdresser and finally get that similar perm like the bee..i can't afford to buy any more clothes, cosmetics and products anymore..i had to save because i really want her hair badly..
where's the scissors? i wanna cut it off and stick it at the back of my head

Rule number one: Do not upload bad quality pictures into your blog (i was force to, because my camera is sick)
Rule number two: DO not give short post in one week
RULE number three: DO not put songs in your blog..whoever open up your blog with their own song playing at the background will eventually close your blog because it disrupt their song
Rule number four: DO not give dull post
Rule number five: DO not put soooooo many apps in your blog, it will lag the screen when browsing



  1. I just got my hair permed last week. And it is similar to this. exactly the same!! hehehe

  2. i haven't seen you without the hijab before!


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