Tuesday, August 23, 2011


They are planning to go here, they are planning to go there..and i am left out because nobody ask because they know well i couldn't go out..so i'm leftout..an outcast, nobody wanna hang out with, coz i'm no fun, i can't hang out, and my mum still said that i don't have friends...DID she ever think that it was because she didn't let me hang out that she couln't KNOW my friends..

if only my mum know i am in a clique..I got best friends that we swore to secrecy that we obey our six rules..That we buy gifts for each other, call each other nicknames, eat together, go 'shopping' at school together, and call each other 'mou mou' which i guess its a cantonese word for lady?
it hurts that she said i don't have friends when she didn't let me had the chance to let her know them

i've just realize by doing braces you can't correct your jaw and chin..my chin is very protuding last time, i thought the braces corrected it because my teeth were all pulled back ..when i check the mirror for my side view smile, i realize my chin is VERY protuding..
goodness, how can i ever had a beautiful smile with FAT CHEEKS and protuding chin


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