Monday, August 29, 2011

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I've just found out that our history mark had been spreading all over..and apparently there were rumours saying that our highest mark is only 6o++ ..i was like wtf wtf wttttfff...
Maybe i set my target too high but i have never set a 60 marks go at my history, so it's only monday and i'm anxious about my marks and result..
i spent 32 days studying (quite short compare to others)
at least i wanna see that some hard work that pays off.. 

my mum complain that my closet is exploding, she warn me not to buy any clothes anymore..and i agree with i'm splurging on cosmetics, face product and hair product ( : here's my list
1.eyebrow trimmer (either d tweezer or the shaver)
2.a reliable sunblock
3.curl & twist hair product
4. vitamin C facial scrub

The whole town is mad, the traffic is moving bumper to bumper..everything becomes sooo havoc because HARI RAYA is tomorrow..So, my dear malay friends, i wish y;'all SELAMAT HARI RAYA! i enjoy eating lemang, ketupat, ooooo sooo yummy..
any leftovers? care to bring them over?
my house is full of cookies even though we never intend to buy any..
thanks for the generous gifts ( :

Original picture.
i haven't study a tiny bit..
i feel extremely guilty, but i'm already mouldy to my toes..i can't move, i'm just tooo heavy to care less..
and oh yeah, the amount of calories i'm consuming, it's going to make me look like a different person
tomorrow i'll be called as


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