Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No changes

i decided to keep my hair till next year chinese new year where i had enough money to dye, cut and perm and enough to buy hair products..annd that time, my hair will be long enough for last time curl receive loads of BAD feedback ..but thank god the feedback just happen AFTER i cut it off..right now, if i had bad hair day, my hair won't produce such large it's really hard to take care of it..

Tomorrow gonna watch FINAL DESTINATION 5..( :
FRIDAY going to visit my grandmother..( :
SATURDAY going to do facial..XD
SUNDAY going to photoshoot?
and that night the bee will go to a faraway land
and i'm going to pay her a LONG visit after SPM
prepare, sister..i'm going to eat you!

SCrew exam..until now, i still think of studying when i just realize that trial exam is over..
This exam really mould people to prepare for the REAL SPM..


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