Thursday, April 14, 2011

When i was 14..

Hero-Boys like girls
Can't believe my eyes when i saw how i atcually look like when i was 14..Gee..that's the first time i experience hair revolution when i sat onto the saloon and wanted to rebond my hair..
and that blouse i'm wearing ( in the picture) couldn't fit me at all now...Guess i was thin that time,..

and i was sooooo 'lala'..look at what i'm wearing for SHOES! it's hideous!.urgh..

and yes, 14 was the age where i grow vain and out of control..14 spoils my life until today..14 is the turning point where i wish i turn back and redo all those stuff and thinking..
GO away,'re not going to infect me..shoo shoo

and as you can see, this is how my family looks like 3 yrs ago..with daddy with his tigh fitting younster shirt, my sister looking chubby and my mum with limp hair and me with a distorted mouth (i've just did my braces that time)

i guess 14 is the age i HATE
becoz it spoils my life till now..


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