Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2011

I had the time of my life!!!!!!!! Anugerah cemerlang 2011, i perform as the pianist for our school's choir team, the pianist for the choral speakers, the violinist for our simfoni puteri band, the guitarist for our group singing...Holy, this final year really ended with great meaning..because after that, we went to AS mall and had lunch a karaoke session

Honestly, i haben't been to E-Box since i was 12..i feel sooo illiterate over there..haha..but dude, IT"S SOOOO FUN!! those who went to AS mall were Me, Shey Hwa, WeiYing, brenda, cyee, our dear Mr Chan, Shey Hwa's mum, sulian and Jia Ying (i derno why she's there anywy)..i am very surprised that they atcually had Gaga' Born this way..i thought it would be full of out dated song..ha..i'm jjust gooing to eat back my words

those yellow light...Ouch, after our threee hour karaoke session there, (which probably broke many voice boxes) we all line ourselves along London Weight Management and took a group picture....dude..and our Ah Sir try to mimick a camera trick by holding the model's hand or something..we kept laughing and laughing, everybody look at us like we're some kind of alien or something..then we took another group picture at Le Ann Maxima..(somebody should try coveing the 'LE") ..

Me and dear Sandy..pity her had to carry my things for me..i need to change sooo many times..pinafore, red skirt, bllack pants, black blouse, black skirt, black choir t-shirts..

We all showing off our choir t-shirts with our names printed on it..Haha..i love you a love love love love love...i wish those moment would freeze...but sadly though, it's my final year, its their final year..its OUR final year..
Thank you mummy for letting me had such wonderful time..
thank you sir for bringing us the jokes of our lives..
thank you Wei Ying for making me feel like i had a close friend all those time
Thank you everyone who atcually took photos with me


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