Thursday, April 7, 2011


It is not that many, but dang, i didn't know i had the most among my siblings...Mostly it was not all academics but performances.. ..i can't believe my eyes when i atcually gain a bronze medal for long jump?!? this is insane...
anyway..i'm just going to put a REALLY thick skin face and list down all 26 of my trophies..

2001- Improvement award
2002- champion solo singing competition kota star
-2nd place solo singing comepetition daerah Kedah
-'wei xiao zheng guang' award..=.='' derno how to translate..Glory award?
2003- Ping Pong 4th place..=.=''
2004- belly dancing
-cha cha
-line dancing
-traditional dance
-3rd place english test competition
-Ping pong 3rd place
-Story telling competition 3rd place
2005- English reading competition 2nd place
2006-Public Speaking competition 3rd place kota star
-Inter school public speaking 3rd place
-'wei xiao zheng guang' again..=.=''
-Long jump 3rd place
2007-Choral Speaking champion daerah kota star
-champion choral speaking daerah kedah
2008-Choral speaking champion daerah kota star
-choral speaking 2nd place daerah kedah
-Drama competition 3rd place
2009-Choral speaking daerah kedah 3rd place
2010- Choir competition daerah kota star first place
-Choir competition daerah kedah 2nd place
-Drama competition consolation place =.=''


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