Thursday, April 14, 2011

When i was 15...

When i was 15, i was obviously taller than my sister..duh! ( : i finally grown my hair, (note, i had a short mushroom hair before..) when my hair out grew my shoulder, i rush to go rebond it again ..=.='' this is one of the few main reason why my hair keep dropping...TOO MUCH HAIR PERMING! not much atcually, i only did three times in my whole entire life...(i'm planning to perm again right after SPM)
i'm soooo gonna spoil my hair

When i was 15...i can't remember anything when i was's like someone brainwash the whole month..all i remember was trying to memorize chinese proverbs that sounded like tamil language to me..HUH..

and oh yeah, when i was 15..i spend a lot of time in the library with Chiu Yee..every free lesson, we would climb up four flight of stairs just to go to the library..Guess i miss having the same class with her..T.T and goodness sake, when i was 15...I WAS stupid again..
which prolong my grounding life..

When i was 15...i can't remember studying hard for PMR...when i was 15..I CAN"T REMEMBER anything..>.< what happen to me?!


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