Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pink love

What happen if your best friend fall for the same guy as you do? okay, i admit it was partly my fault for telling her that i didn't had those PING And PANG feelings towards that hot bod would i know after a short period and his over achievement rattles my heart like a gong? That guy is ELLIGIBLE to be a NATIONAL swimmer..!guess he's not that fashionable, but whatever clothes he wear (yes, even a gunny sack) he just look soooo hot..

Oh wait, i didn't dare tell anyone that i DO have feelings for him..go on, i give him to you, this is what i said to my best friend who was atcually going bonkers over his body structure..It was no doubt each time he came in for tuition, i and my friend started gapping and exclaiming in language we both don't this right though? liking the same guy with your best friend? besides, i was the first one who saw him, keep constantly mumble how hot his body is until i atcually pointed him out to my friend..and things just go out of control

Me and Jia wen (don't get it wrong, this is not the one who likes the same guy as i do) can you spot spongebob? haha XD

guess it's all up to fate..TELL me we DO have fate..i meet him FOUR times a week..Now that's a real bonus..Sunday-physics..Monday-Chemistry..Wednesday-Malay..and OH YEAH! FRIDAY, my love..coz, account tuition ..there's only ME and an empty classroom, sitting one at the west and another at the east


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