Thursday, April 21, 2011


The saying is always true..when you had long hair, you wish for shorter hair..when you had short hair, you wish you had longer hair..ARGH! i view back those days where i had those long curly hair ..I WANT IT BACK DEARLY! atcually look okay to me, i don't know why i loathe is sooo much when i had it..i thought i will be able to decrease the damage where my hair keeps dropping and dropping ..nah, its still the same as it is now..
I found out the main cause of why my hair drop too much..

coz, i OVERDAMAGE it..come to think of it, i rebond and rebond it..and perm it just hardly a year from my rebonding hair...NO wonder...

so yes, i wish hard that my hair will grow until chest length again right after SPM..because the first thing i'm going to do right after that is to sit myself in a saloon and PERM my hair again..(since it didn't do any different if i keep my hair in natural state)
i blame myself from cutting my hair!
if i still had it'll be sooo long..and when i tie it, it won't be ugly like it used to be..
I WANT YOU, dear hair..
dear curly hair..
dear dear dear




  1. I want long hair too :-( tell me if you find any miracle cream or something aha

  2. i used to have long hair too!! then i got brave and CHOP, it was gone. all of it almost lol.. now its shoulder length finally and I want it down to half way down the upper part of my arm. it takes too long :( lol then i keep getting these spelss of "i wanna cut it" have a good day

  3. i think it's all based on your face shape.They say by washing your hair everyday, and stop starring at the mirror, your hair grow longer..( :


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