Thursday, April 7, 2011

The girl with the guitar

4 real-Avril Lavigne
Okay, this must be a huge mistake..ME? accepting an award for Best English 2010? THIS IS HILARIOUS! It's not fair at all because i'm sure Nicole should deserve this..She had been accepting this award ever since she started schooling in Convent..Just because strict old Mdm Chua is the one being their English teacher and mine is a pregnant young woman who used to be a model, doesn't mean marks can proof your ability..
MY GRAMMAR mum always poked me with that..i can't even spell common long words like 'embarassed' should i put double R in there or single S?
it confuse me!

My guitar is DEAD..oh wait, it's not dead yet, but it's DYING..i didn't have enough money to give it new strings and wait, my ANOTHER guitar need new strings too! So, that's about 12 strings to buy...and oh wait, i even had to pay them for their services because i CAN"T fix strings on, i do really wanna come up with a resolution where i would walk around the streets with broken strings and play some songs to some passer-by..therefore, they'll pay me to stop THAT horrible sound it is making..
hold that a cat trying to sing?

Ann is getting cheeks fat and chin fat and tummy fat..Seriously, there's sooo many temptation at home..Ice cream in the fridge, oreo in one jar, fingers biscuit in another jar, mummy's rock bun in the cookie jar, and daddy's variety bun in the tupperware..and when i open my mouth, mummy would think i'm hungry and get up and do yogurt drink for me, blend orange juice, apple juice and even prepare some heavy food for me even though i'm sooooo full i can float up the moon..

Hari Anugerah Cemerlang is coming soon on the 28th..i have never miss that day and this year, it would be my final bring the stage to me..i wanna own the whole stage! haha..=.='' i didn't go for lots of practices and Mr Chan had that kind of look where someone had just killed his cat or something..i can't stay back that often, daddy will go mad, mummy will keep preparing food and i grow sooo exhausted and fatigue that i can't see which shoe is on which foot..

oh yeah..i finally LOVE Daniel Radcliffe again! Curse him for dancing his way to my brain..
British guys are really HOT

Shirt-Brands outlet
Tie-dye skirt-Brands outlet
Who's that Gloomy?- ME!!


  1. Hey girl , this look cool .. love it =)

  2. HEY! I'm a completely random person that was looking through reference pictures for my art project and I came across your blog. Can I please... PLEASE get your permission to use one of these? Once I'm done with it, I will accredit you. PROMISE!

  3. Hey. I'm being a psychopathic stalker by creeping onto your page BUT I have an excuse. I was looking for reference pictures for my art project and I came across your blog, through this picture specifically. The lighting and pose are perfect and your clothes are just too cute (not to mention the awesomeness of the guitar's presence.) SO! Can I please get your permission to use one of these pictures as a reference for my art piece? Pretty please?

  4. hi huda, i went to visit your profile but it didn't say much about you..i'm afraid if i don't know you're biodata, i can't allow you to use my photo..hope you understand..


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