Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The lazy song-Bruno Mars
If only i am as smart as some braniacs, i wouldnt have to crack my brain thinking where my next step will be..maybe i should go rob a bank just to get myself in some highly profound college where all posh kids go..
maybe miracle WILL happen and i'll be able to obtain a scholarship or something...
FAT chance..
maybe my sister suddenly earn soo handsomely that she will be able to support me! (since she had ate up what was left for me..>.<)
i should just rely on the government and continue sixth form which most student will probably rather die than to pursue their education in uniforms for consecutive two years..the fact of me, staying in ULU Alor Star for two years freak me out..

how about the positive sides?
oh wait, i get to spend two more years with my parents who treats me like i'm their only child in the family..<3...i get to drive my mum in and out of her school...

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