Thursday, April 21, 2011

JB movie

My very first movie with my friends..XD..i can't stop glee-ing because i have so much freedom recently..just two days before that i was able to have fb..and then mum let me go to the movies with my friends and even said she's going to keep her newly bought phone for me..
I guess god must be watching all the time..

Now let me get this straight,.did i become a belieber after watching Justin Bieber's Never say never? NO..ha..okay, i admit he's good looking..talented..but i don't like to share him with sooo many screaming and crying fans...if i'm going to be obsessed with some male artiste, i find someone who is less popular...sooo,...If there's a biopic of Ed Westwick, i guess i'll be the only one sitting in the cinema that time..

So there's only three of lonely and sad..Our dear slow turtle Jiawen couldn't come because she had tuition..but hell mummy even let me go shopping after that..Hrm..what is there to see in AS mall? so we just browse around the shops..i spend about five minutes at the shop selling ribbons..>.< it turn out to be too formal for me..and then went in Watson and look at products of all kind..The watson there is SOOO small..>.<

And oh yeah.,..THe cinema had only been occupied by three i guess, JB aren't that popular in isolated area like ULU ALOR STAR?

Then we had a five minutes tea break at minutes! i only ate cheesy wedges because i KFC food is not likable for me..i prefer MCdonald..we parted at 4.30 and go back...

so...that's my FIRST movie with my dear friends..


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