Friday, December 3, 2010

School Reunion

Zombie-Taylor Momsen (The pretty Reckless)

Venue-OldTown (next Keat Hwa)
People: 14 girls and 2 boys..
HA! 2nd time reunion! and this time i meet people that i've never see for four solid years..
i was in doubt whether to go or not to go...seeing these people are really scary because you might think they would just talk to their own friends and treat you like a wall that happen to be painted red...

Me and Lini...
Current school: Sultanah Bahiyah
yeap, she was the organizer..and my primary school best friendXD..without her, i wouldn't even know the definition of 'DANCiNG...i still remember when we were Std 6, she formed a group called 'four Stars"..compromising with me, lini, miao huan and Evon...She is a wonderful dancer,seriously, take a look at her performance and you will wow wow..i'm blind!

Miao huan and me
Miao huan..(i'm scared i spell her name wrongly!) we call her Catwoman, because she miao miao miao...current school: Keat Hwa
During those days, she was very very tall, lean, and a model XD

Me and Aun Ling
Current School: Somewhere in Singapore...
Dude..that girl had changed like someone i don't know...She came in taller, hair longer, eyes bigger, thinner and ..stylish! XD Haiz, she is still the same inside though...
dissappointingly she told me, why so few boys only?'s still her..

 Me and Evon..
We never talk at all...but silence keep us a photo together...Dang, that girl is very pretty..she used to be our primary school singer..Current school: Sultanah Bahiyah...
Oh Wan can i ever forget you?
She's our head prefect with an orange tie, roamiing around the school..that girl is one Einstein ..till then, she always give me lots of advice..she's wise, and mature..everything you can depend on..i'm so sorry if i ever walked past you without achknowledging you..i'm just soooo scared to approach you seeing that we are no longer in contact...
current school: Asma
Thanks for phoning up me to inform me of this reunion!

Half the people gone..haha..this is Lini's mum's studio next to Keat Hwa...right before we had our food at Oldtown..we wonder where did the other go..then i and Lini went outside and saw that the others atcually went to another restaurant eating deserts...God Sake! didn't they eat enough?
Then we didn't know what else to do..and some clever people approach the hotel next door, asking if we are allowed to stay at the Lobby? The guy said YES...
and we started playing...TRUTH OR DARE..
that time there was only me, WanTing, Su Shan, Shin YIn, Aun Ling, How Kit and Zuray..
lol...that was fun...reeally fun...but it was such a short moment though..

From left, me(red), Lini(black), Miao Huan(white), Evon(polkadot purple white), Aun Ling(white), YiTing(grey), SoonSze(grey), Wan Tiing(purple), Shin Yin(red) and SuShan(grey)

Su Shan pay for all of us without letting us know about it..She paid the whole meal AGAIN! she did it last year..and now she did it again...So paiseh larh...and then they were planning to do another reunion again because this reunion not many people come...i bet SuShan will pay again..
Ellyssa said that i still got that stupid english accent in my mandarin..Zuray say that i still talk like that ....well be thankful that i didn't come up and talk in Tamil slang to you...

I will miss you all..

The high waist shorts who would want to write that kind of short story..?Take note people..She is shorter then me XD...

Please please please..make more reunion...i really can't wait to see you guys !!!!


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